Hang out and hang on to an array of designer retail outlets and fashionable boutiques at your doorstep.

Each store at The Residence Arcade, has a storey to tell. As you approach The Residence Arcade, you will be warmed by other welcomed surprises waiting for you inside.

Letís begin with a dedicated parking lot for commercial use. The parking lot is specially designed to ensure convenience and hassle free parking for our customerís customers.

Inside, The Residence Arcade offers retail spaces for banks, jewellery stores, home stores, boutiques and more, in various sizes and configurations. Retailers have the freedom to extend their spaces from the basement level to either the ground floor, or the ground and first floor, and design the space according to their business style and requirements.

Key features include:

  • Multi-tiered shops that accommodate various business requirements
  • Dedicated commercial parking space
  • Dedicated space for generator
  • Provision for sprinkler units
  • Provision for elevator and/or loft
  • Separate water reserve for fire hose system